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JavaScript is quite unique in the popular programming languages landscape because of its usage of prototypal inheritance.
While most object-oriented languages use a class-based inheritance model, JavaScript is based on the prototype inheritance model.

With that said, the Introduction to ECMAScript 2015 or popularly known as ES6 brought us classes, which is an emulation of how other programming languages dealt with the application of OOP concepts.

But primarily, this well-introduced use of classes in javascript, which made things a bit easier for newbies like myself and people coming from a well-structured class-based OOP language, doesn't change how javascript does its…

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A question struck me badly recently while trying to figure out what TDD is for, why it's important to us as developers. and that would be

Why the safety checks before a plane takes off?

As we know, before an airplane is even bought for transport purposes, it must have gone through some rigorous test case by its manufacturers, and by this I mean months of production and testing, And just when it’s out there for the purpose of creation, it’s still being tested daily before usage.

As interesting as it is, I came across some amazing answers in Quora from experts and professionals, in all these answers a…

Executive Summary

This report analyses the opportunities and policy challenges facing the bio-economy in transitioning towards a more sustainable, friendly and environmental renewable energy source. It provides an overview of the bioeconomy in terms of motivation, policy framework, and application as a concept for achieving sustainable development.

The report also shows that there is no clear cut definition for bioeconomy, the definitions are evolving and vary depending on the actors, motivation, and objectives. However, bioeconomy has become the center of sustainable economic strategies in numerous countries but Nigeria lacks a cohesive bioeconomy policy. The chief motivation for bioeconomy adoption in these countries…

In preparation for Andela software developers boot-camp, I came across so many fascinating tools which would interest you to know, cause it helps make life as a software developer easy and free of much trouble. Please forgive my negligence, if I failed to make known whom and what Andela is, with this ardent admiration and excitement for the discovery of this fascinating tools and plugins that have made life so easy for us as developers, on my discovery being a part of Andela’s recruited boot-campers as an applicant.
Andela is an African company that identifies and develops Africa’s most talented…

When I first read about Andela a few years ago, I deemed it be like every other tech company out there sourcing for young brilliant minds to capitalize on. Permit me with that being said, that’s what every skeptical native Nigerian thinks. But as one whom is ready to take risks and make betterment of every opportunity, I soon came to the realization that Andela is completely different. After applying and qualifying for their Bootcamp.
On my reach, to Andela, it struck me that, being a software developer is not only enough to be a world-class developer but also be…

My most recent challenging learning experience.

would come in handy as to my recent study on the development of habits, good habits and practices that would lead me to a better life as a software developer.

Have always loved the sensation and feeling of doing something great and practical by imparting value to society, making the world easy and pretty accessible to almost anything workable through the global tech Ecosystem.

But even as a tech enthusiast my Achilles heel has always been DEDICATION and PASSION. …


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